Zoom Teeth Whitening for Whiter Teeth and a Healthy Smile

The Zoom Teeth Whitening system creates whiter teeth and brilliant smiles. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, and having whiter teeth gives the appearance of a healthier, more beautiful smile. Since you greet the world with a smile, why not make YOUR smile the best it can be.

Only dental professionals can supply the professional-strength whitening gel. Using Zoom, the #1 patient-requested professional teeth whitening system, has been proven to whiten your teeth up to eight shades. It is also safe and, when administered by a professional, does not harm teeth or gums like other products.

Why Whiten your Teeth Using Zoom?

Due to the equipment used and to ensure your safety, Zoom is not available directly to patients and must be applied at a dental office. Staff is specially trained so that your sessions are completely safe. Treatments are customized for your needs and lifestyle.

While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, none are as effective and long lasting as Zoom in conjunction with take-home trays. Zoom whitening agents are strong, but very safe. Some people experience slight discomfort from tooth sensitivity during the procedure which goes away in a few hours.

What Maintenance is Needed With Zoom?

Whitening trays are fabricated for use during and after your Zoom teeth-whitening procedure. Whitening gel is placed in these trays and worn by the patient allowing them to continue the whitening process at home. This normally lasts around 14 days depending on the desired result. After that time, a final Zoom session is done in the office which completes the procedure. The whitening trays are then used periodically for maintenance to keep your teeth as white as possible.

The effects of teeth whitening can last a long time. However, because we constantly expose our teeth to foods and beverages that can stain them, follow-up sessions or periodic touch-ups at home may be necessary to maintain a bright white smile. In most cases, using the whitening trays at home a few times a year is adequate to maintain the desired result.

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